Future Students | 配属志望学生へ

What’s this seminar about? | ゼミについて

The core of this seminar is information science. Our world faces many challenges, including environmental issues. To tackle the challenges, people need to utilize information “effectively” for problem solving, creating new knowledge, and decision making. This process is human-information interaction, which is a core concept in information science. We will explore human-information interaction or the “flow” of information in various contexts. This will allow us to visualize information processes and understand the relationship between information and environmental problems.


3 main characteristics of this seminar | このゼミの主な特色

noun_882456 Core 1: ICT skills | ICTスキル

This seminar is cloud-based and “paperless” (and you will have the chance to improve your ICT skills!). Everything will be shared through web services, especially an application called Evernote. All seminar related materials such as tasks, summaries, meeting minutes, resources, and idea notes will be created and shared in Evernote. Other cloud services are also used for collaboration and information sharing.


noun_15537 Core 2: International perspective | 国際化対応

Considering that our society is becoming a more globalized world, it is important to develop English skills and international perspectives. In this seminar, materials in English are actively incorporated in various seminar activities. You will also have opportunities to have guest lectures in English.


noun_42956 Core 3: Research skills | リサーチスキル

My specialization, Library and Information Studies, is a discipline specialized in research. Thus, this seminar will allow you to develop good research skills. These skills will be useful for your future work, because identifying questions to investigate and finding answers to these question are important in academic settings, all workplaces, and daily life.


3rd year seminar | 事例研究

The main goal of 3rd year seminar is preparation for your final thesis in 4th year. By the end of 3rd year, I expect students to complete thesis proposals containing 5 major elements: 1) background, 2) literature review, 3) research questions, and 4) methods, and 5) significance.

事例研究の目的は,4年次における卒業研究の準備です.そのため,事例研究では次の5つ要素からなる研究計画書を作成してもらいます:1) 研究背景, 2) 先行研究,3) 問い,4) 研究方法,そして5) 研究の重要性.

4th year seminar | 卒業研究

Based on the research proposal you created, you will actually implement your plan in 4th year. For example, you might collect data through interviews, observation, or content analysis, then analyze collected data and finish writing your thesis.


Expectations for students | 求める人材


Being motivated & independent



Creating seminar together



Strong interest in globalized world



Improving & practicing ICT skills